Lies Wambacq - gold plated frida necklace with freshwater pearl

Lies Wambacq

Lies Wambacq - gold plated frida necklace with freshwater pearl

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Elegant and fine gold plated necklace with a white natural pearl handmade by Lies Wambacq. The pendant is very fine and elegant. It's matt silver, a white drop pearl + combined with a gourmet chain in gold plated sterling silver. It's a necklace you can wear as an accent on a party, but also something you can wear everyday!

Lies Wambacq is a Belgian designer from Leuven, Her jewels are organic and historical inspired creations full of character.
Lies doesn't follow fashion trends, she has her own typical style. Portraits and paintings from the baroque or Renaissance era, are her main inspirations. But no mistake, her jewels are timeless. They are historically contemporary. Lies likes to work with silver, gold, pearls and precious stones in a way they have being used for ages. To create sustainable is one of her key goals. Traditional techniques like the 'Lost wax technique' are her favorite way of creating. Every piece is crafted with love and passion in her studio in Belgium. 

Material: gold plated sterling silver 925
size: 17 x 1,7 x 1,2mm & gourmet necklace 45cm
White freshwater pearl: 4-4,5mm