Lore Van Keer ICONS CAPSULE EARRING 01 gold plated silver

Lore Van Keer - icons capsule earring 01 gold plated silver

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These stud earrings are handmade in Lore Van Keer's atelier in Belgium. The black onyx elements create a minimalist look, and the addition of the silver details ensure a playful twist.

Lore Van Keer is a young Belgian jewelry label focusing on a minimalist design, ethical choices, handmade design and creative expression. They craft their jewelry for those who love clean lines, luxury and beauty. All jewels are technically refined creations in 925 sterling silver or 18-carat (white) gold. They each carry a master’s seal with reference to the purity of the precious metal. All of the jewelry is forged by the designer. A team of highly skilled goldsmiths take their time to manufacture and perfect every piece in the atelier in Belgium.

Material: gold plated silver