Céline Daoust - tiny diamonds bar ring
Céline Daoust - tiny diamonds bar ring

Céline Daoust

Céline Daoust - tiny diamonds bar ring

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Céline Daoust 14kt light yellow gold or white gold ring with one bar of seven diamonds.

the diamond has the lone property to absorb all bad energy. wearing gold promotes courage, confidence and willpower.

Belgian designer Céline Daoust hand selects the gems used in her collection on yearly trips to Jaipur, where she chooses stones based on both their physical presence and energetic vibrations, honoring the unique beauty of each jewel. This precision extends to the work back home in her studio in Brussels, where she creates deceptively simple pieces based on celestial forms and the beauty of nature—each a unique work of art.

Solid gold 14k — 585/1000
The detail is approx. 0,3 x 1cm