Lies Mertens cmmc mini mokka bag
Lies Mertens cmmc mini mokka bag
Lies Mertens cmmc mini mokka bag

Lies Mertens

Lies Mertens - cmmc mini mokka bag

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CMMC MINI resembles the straightforward design of CMMC, but is a tad smaller. We didn’t forget about the practical aspect, though: you can still put a big wallet in your CMMC MINI.

The handbag was named after CMMC - the performance duo of Myrthe van der Mark and Céline Mathieu. Lies Mertens represented their powerful personalities in a definite design.

Lies Mertens, is an independent Belgian handbag designer. She goes for functional and straightforward designs, always keeping sustainability in mind. They focus on high-quality materials, details and functionality.

All the bags of Lies Mertens are handmade in Portugal and created out of bio-leather with a water-repellent coating. She has used a minimum of zippers and metals, making sure to increase the longevity of your bag as much as possible. On top of that, they’re rigged with extra compartments and grooves to store your cards and retrieve all your stuff in a split second.

Colour: mokka
Material: bio-leather with a water-repellent coating
Design features: Fits a wallet, keys, phone / Inside groove to store cards & other small objects / Extra compartment in the back for your phone / Adjustable shoulder strap
Dimensions: 5,5 x 19 x 13