Made By Vest - sweater elektra by orfee
Made By Vest - sweater elektra by orfee

Made By Vest

Made By Vest - caramel sweater elektra by orfee

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This co-creation sprouted from the creative mind of owner Veerle Stubbes fashionable niece Orfee. Elektra is designed to take up her place as a striking statement sweater in your autumn/winter wardrobe.

Elektra is hand-knitted and available in three surprising colour combinations with geometric lines. Chocolate brown in contrast with playful pink, cobalt blue with fuchsia and ice blue lines, and salty caramel aligned with earthy green and bright orange. Wear Elektra’s cuffs long and wide or fold them over for a shorter sleeve

Colour: salty caramel
Material: 50% mohair superkid, 32% polyamide, 18% merino wool super thin
Care Instructions: Your knitwear will retain its shape and colour better if you use a detergent for delicate fabrics. After washing, dry your knitwear on a flat surface.
If it’s not dirty, but just a little musty, just airing your VEST will be enough to make it feel clean again!